About Us

About Us

Welcome to inpods.co.uk! We were created with the goal of wanting to solve two major problems in the wireless headphones industry –

Getting absolutely SCREWED by ridiculously marked-up pricing by top-named brands.
Dealing with shady suppliers located who-knows-where, who use cheap materials and poor manufacturing processes, who make you wait weeks, even months, for your order (and even then, it might be broken or damaged by the time it gets to you…)
Does this sound familiar to you? Well look no further because our mission is to prevent all of that and make your experience with us easy.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we’re incredibly grateful for the tens of thousands of happy customers who have made this all possible.

Please note that inpods.co.uk is an independent brand that is not authorized, affiliated, or sponsored by Apple Inc. All of our products are custom manufactured by inpods.co.uk, we are NOT affiliated with Apple Inc. whatsoever.

-Your guys at inpods.co.uk 🙂